Review: Book 2 in Silver Trilogy by Kerstin Gier



My rating: 5 stars.

I’ll start with the most complicated thing. I read this book in Russian, but my blog and all posts here in English, so I can’t write German or Russian names. But I immediately change the cover and add annotation when Henry Holt will publish them.

Now about the book itself. It’s wonderful. In my opinion, even better than the first one.
I love Kerstin’s writing style. It’s funny and cute. I really laughed at many moments.

And the characters are excellent. Liv very sarcastic but sweet heroine. She constantly reminded me of Felicity from Arrow. They both have a constant verbal diarrhea, which is obtained when they are worried. They are reasonable. They are adorable. They are nerds. And they both have a very strange mothers.

Once I saw on Goodreads a review which said that Liv and Grayson have the attraction towards each other…






I like the relationship between Liv and Grayson, because they care about each other… like brother and sister. And it’s very cute.
I will feel sick if there is something else, because it would be terrible for me.
I really like Henry (though in this part he acts like an asshole), and I will not accept another option, no matter what. Fortunately, I know Kerstin’s style from previous books, and she most likely will not allow it.

Talking about the other characters, I love Mia. I’d like to have a sister which would help to cut down Mr. Snuggles (The fact that I would have to cut down it, not even need to be discussed).

So read this book when it comes out.
It’s worth your attention.