My Spring TBR List


To be honest, this post is an attempt to organize all the books I want to read soon.
I can say with confidence that this list will change later.
But so far everything is the same as in this post.


tumblr_mr2qhtTaRQ1qba9pko2_250                tumblr_mr2qhtTaRQ1qba9pko2_250                 tumblr_mr2qhtTaRQ1qba9pko2_250


tumblr_mr2qhtTaRQ1qba9pko2_250                tumblr_mr2qhtTaRQ1qba9pko2_250                tumblr_mr2qhtTaRQ1qba9pko2_250


tumblr_mr2qhtTaRQ1qba9pko2_250                 tumblr_mr2qhtTaRQ1qba9pko2_250                tumblr_mr2qhtTaRQ1qba9pko2_250


tumblr_mr2qhtTaRQ1qba9pko2_250                 tumblr_mr2qhtTaRQ1qba9pko2_250                tumblr_mr2qhtTaRQ1qba9pko2_250


tumblr_mr2qhtTaRQ1qba9pko2_250                tumblr_mr2qhtTaRQ1qba9pko2_250                tumblr_mr2qhtTaRQ1qba9pko2_250

1785269012024430 (1)22836575

tumblr_mr2qhtTaRQ1qba9pko2_250                 tumblr_mr2qhtTaRQ1qba9pko2_250                 tumblr_mr2qhtTaRQ1qba9pko2_250

Hope you enjoyed it!

6 thoughts on “My Spring TBR List

  1. So many of these are on my own (mental) list! The Cost of All Things, Bone Gap, The Wrong Side of Right, Under A Painted Sky, The Summer of Chasing Mermaids, Kissing In America, Written In The Stars and 99 Days.

    The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly sounds really interesting. I’ve heard great things about Teeth! I want to read Hannah’s other book Not Otherwise Specified too.

    Out of the ones I’ve mentioned, I’m most excited to read TWSoR, UAPS, and WITS. ❤ I plan on buying them soon.

    I have arcs for TCOAT, Kissing In America and 99 Days, which I need to read super soon.

    Nice list. 🙂


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